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Health care

Health care

No actual vaccinations are officially required. Malaria prophylaxis is no longer recommended but visitors are advised to check with their doctors or travel immunization clinics regarding the advisability of inoculation against typhoid, tetanus, hepatitis A & B.

Health issues and the quality of medical facilities vary enormously depending on where and how you travel in Vietnam. Many of the major cities are now very well developed, although travel to rural areas can expose you to a variety of health risks and inadequate medical care.

Some international hospitals/clinics in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (American, French and German doctors on staff)

In Hanoi: (tel code: 84-4)

    Hanoi French Hospital
1 Phuong Mai Str.
Tel: 577-1100, emergency: 574-1111

•    Family Medical Practice
Unit 109-112, Van Phuc, Blog A1, Kim Ma Str.
Tel: 843-0748 (24hours))

•    International SOS
31 Hai Ba Trung Str.
Tel: 934-0666, emergency: 934-0555

•    Vietnam-Korea Friendship Hospital
12 Chu Van An Str.
Tel: 843-7231

In Ho Chi Minh City: (tel code: 84-8)

•    International SOS
65, Nguyen Du Str.
Tel: 829-8520, emergency: 829-8424

•    Saigon International Clinic
8 Alexandre de Rhodes Str., District 1
Tel: 823-8888

•    Gia Dinh International Hospital
1 Trang Long Str., Bin Thanh District
Tel: 803-0678

•    Franco Vietnamese Hospital
6 Nguyen Luong Bang Str., District 7
Tel: 411-3333

Resources of Health Advice for Travellers
  • Travel-related risks
  • Medical consultation before travel
  • Medical kit and toilet items
  • Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions and special needs
  • Insurance for travellers
  • Role of travel industry professionals
  • Responsibility of the traveller
  • Medical examination after travel
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